10 September 2012

Long Beach

Long Beach, California

After roasting in Pomona for a few days, we decided enough was enough and made the trek to Long Beach, California.  There was a big debate to which beach we should go to.  No matter which way we sliced it, it was going to be an hours drive. When we pulled up to the parking lot, it was like a ghost town.  Aren't all beaches chalk-a-block when the mercury explodes?  We flip flopped our way through scorching sand as a gentle breeze welcomed our faces.  The azureous sky greeted the cerulean sea only to be interrupted by the dreary ocean liners anchored on the horizon.  We rolled out the beach towels and settled in for a long escape.  The only other people on the beach was a horde of day camp kids having a huge party with music blaring and an MC occasionally making announcements over a megaphone.  So much for an escape.

We quickly lost Banyan in the neighbouring throng of kids.  He would disappear into the mesh of bodies and reappear for a brief moment only to vanish again like a magic trick.  At one point, Banyan, completely oblivious, wandered into the middle of a race and was trampled underfoot.  The camp leader peeled him off the sand and looked around wondering where on earth this stray kid came from.  She dusted him off and sent him on his way.  Banyan thrived off the mass energy of the kids.  Georgia on the other hand, slept for most of the time under a makeshift tent made out of an umbrella and a few towels. When she finally awoke, Georgia sprung up, grabbed her bucket and plopped herself down in a mound of sand with out missing a beat.  As you can see, her Papa put her swim suit on.  Not quite right but close enough.  

07 September 2012

First Day of School

East Van

Banyan started Kindergarten this week.  He's an old pro with two years of pre-school under his belt.  No need to make a fuss, no need to stop and pose for my camera.  Georgia thought it was her first day and sat right down next to Banyan and all the other kids in circle time.  She's one going on five.  She loves her big brother and would probably follow him any where. 

31 August 2012

California Sunset

Los Angeles, California

Spending many hours of driving on the intricate web of highways around Los Angeles, gave me copious amounts of time to observe the sky.  One night on a long drive across the sun baked land, the sky filled with an ethereal pink haze as a blazing coral sun disc sunk closer and closer to the black horizon.  It was a moment of calm from the heat of the day and a time to reflect.  As a kid, I had a certain view of California.  A view that could only be imagined growing up on the Canadian prairies.  The classic cliché of palm tree sunsets was an image taken for granted.  But after spending hours with the sky, I can appreciate how beautiful the sunsets really are in California.  The sky, in its surreal glory, tumultuously roared with colour and volume in angelic silence as we passed underneath in quiet awe. 

30 August 2012

Claremont Cuties

Claremont, California

The weather was uncomfortably hot while we were in California and the day we decided to check out Claremont was no different.  Georgia practically melted to her car seat and was covered in sweat before we could close the car door.  McKay's cheeses didn't stand a chance in the inferno.  It was so hot that we went from air conditioner to air conditioner most of our trip.  After being reclusive, we decided to risk it all and brave the heat to enjoy a leisurely stroll on a lazy afternoon.  Banyan took a rest to rehydrate while Georgia ran down the street.  McKay disappeared into the local record shop and I stood there soaking up the dry heat.